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24-Jan-2017 09:04

Courts have certainly been willing to hold that a contract exists before a written contract has been finalized. But I’d still use as the date for a written contract the date it was signed.

It’s likely that the written contract addresses many more issues than were covered by the oral agreement, making the written contract different from the oral agreement.

Here's traffic over the same time period, plotted weekly.

The red lines mark when blog post dates were changed (see below for more explanation on this).

In other words, an insurance policy cannot be incepted until premium payment is received by the insurer(s).

This means, of course, that insurers will not guarantee any commitment to insurance cover, nor can coverage be confirmed until the relevant insurers receive all related premium payments from the insured.

By using the same anchor text in all your links, you’re basically telling Google that you’re trying to game the system.

And chances are, you’ll get penalized at some point.

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What process should be in place to ensure that premiums are paid in time?

Furthermore, giving the written contract its own date simply reflects the reality of how the contract process unfolded, and it’s always good to have contracts track reality.

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