Hot cams

29-Oct-2016 03:28

The stock shims in the exhaust cam are usually in the 315-range, and they'll need to be dropped by 0.20mm - so you'd install 295s into both exhaust buckets.

The same race, except his now has the stage 2 hot cam. and so was my dad when he heard from behind on his DS650 my revlimiter kick in lol.

I pull him about 1 quad through 4th gear and top end was about even, maybe me slightly pulling away.

Next for his we dropped in the HRC needle, put in a 178 main and jerked off the airbox lid.

Once I get the bod back in MX shape and get these mods done, I'm going to race this anchor. With my lower gearing it pulls plenty hard on top anyway.

I know that most of you guys and gals here on this site, have moved far beyond these mods, but I thought there might be a few like myself that have new Rs or are just now getting to mod their quad.

So, I thought I would do a little step by step comparison for opening up the R and the stage 2 Hot Cam.

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