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At that time, it’s alleged that one in 30 of the island’s women were employed in the sex trade in U. military-approved bars, earmarked as ‘sign bars’, where photographers like Keizo Kitajima were snapping up the sights on their Nikon 35mm. soldiers did not come to Koza only for sexual satisfaction.

First encountering the town in 1975 as the Vietnam War came to an end, two years after the Korean War had ceased, Keizo would return frequently over the next five years, watching as the towns drowned out the pain of the past two decades. They dressed up for enjoying a festival more thoroughly,” says the photographer.

It’s a source of daily physical activity that exercises the body with a wide range of motion and helps reduce stress. The Okinawan diet is rich foods made with soy, like tofu and miso soup. The Okinawan household has very little furniture; residents take meals and relax sitting on tatami mats on the floor. Mugwort, ginger, and turmeric are all staples of an Okinawan garden, and all have proven medicinal qualities. A hardship-tempered attitude has endowed Okinawans with an affable smugness.

It’s also a near-constant source of fresh vegetables. Flavonoids in tofu may help protect the heart and guard against breast cancer. , or a gathering of people, provides secure social networks. Vitamin D, produced by the body when it’s exposed on a regular basis to sunlight, promotes stronger bones and healthier bodies. The fact that old people get up and down off the floor several dozen times daily builds lower body strength and balance, which help protect against dangerous falls. By consuming these every day, Okinawans may be protecting themselves against illness. They’re able to let difficult early years remain in the past while they enjoy today’s simple pleasures.

While centenarian Okinawans do eat some pork, it's traditionally reserved only for infrequent ceremonial occasions and taken only in small amounts.

Almost all Okinawan centenarians grow or once grew a garden.

Marine Corps Motion Imagery by MCIPAC Combat Camera LCpl.

This Japanese chain of islands won't feel like an ocean away for long. The popular tourist destination boasts a sub tropical climate and beautiful ocean surroundings. OKINAWA, the prefecture is poised to become a worldwide leader in the advancement of Internet technology.

Goya, with its antioxidants and compounds that lower blood sugar, is of particular interest. Okinawa is comprised of the Ryukyu Islands, which is an island chain more than 620 miles long.