Map 3232

24-Jan-2016 08:14

To find ticket price, please input your departure and arrival stations and search it by ROUTE.

With contradiction, schedule on route search has top priority comparing to the one list here.

For information of the DB-9 connector click see this link here.

Important: If your scanner driver supports control panel functions in OS X, pressing a scan button on your device may not begin the scanning process.

I think it would be very useful if Opencyclemap could render roads differently where cycling is forbidden. This is not just motorways, in the UK there are are also some trunk and primary roads where bicycles are prohibited. lat=55.93807&lon=-3.32381&zoom=16&layers=C This would be useful in planning routes by bicycle, as you would know to avoid these roads.

It might also encourage people to tag them more accurately if they were rendered, which would be useful for other routing applications.

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VCC: GND: Connect this to your Arduino or board’s GND pin SDA: This is the I2C bus data pin, connect to your Arduino’s A4 pin SCL: This is the I2C bus clock pin, connect to your Arduino’s A5 pin 32K: The module has a 32 k Hz square wave output from this pin BAT: You can connect the ‘ ’ of an external backup battery to this point SQI: From this pin comes the controllable square-wave. There are two 4k7 ohm resistors fitted to the board as I2C bus pull-up resistors.