Updating personal information credit reports

29-Feb-2016 01:46

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We’ll show you personalized, objective savings recommendations on home loans, credit cards, auto loans and more.Credit scores can change once a week for some and not at all for months (or even longer) for others."So we're not pulling a splinter out by doing this, we're fixing a broken arm by doing this." The Consumer Data Industry Association, which represents the big three credit reporting companies, said in a statement that the new standards "carefully balance the concerns of consumers and regulators about public record accuracy while at the same time ensuring that creditors can continue to rely on credit report data." Lenders, however, will face the new challenge of how to balance consumers' need for credit versus the banks’ need to accurately assess who is likely to pay the loan back. Credit Bureaus Busted for Deception "This has lenders concerned because now they are going to be essentially fooled into thinking that this consumer or applicant is going to be a better credit risk than they really are," Ulzheimer said.

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Our patented analysis takes a look at your credit history and any debt situation daily and advises you on how much you can save on loans, credit card debt, and your home mortgage.

Credit scores for millions of Americans may soon increase due to two major changes in credit scoring.

Starting July 1, the three major credit agencies — Experian, Equifax and Trans Union — are dropping certain negative information from credit reports, including tax liens and civil judgments.

When your bank sends you a credit card statement, they’re likely sending that same data to the bureaus.

It’s certainly not a guarantee, and each creditor may differ in the way they report your data, but it’s a fairly safe assumption.Related: How to Shop for a Credit Card Without Denting Your Score The companies are dropping this information following a settlement with lawmakers in more than 30 states.

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